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  • Does LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services have a Step Therapy Program?
  • Yes, Step Therapy provides a pathway to make sure all of the medications available to treat a patient’s condition are taken into careful consideration. The program is designed to get members the prescription drugs they need, with health, safety, and affordability in mind. Step Therapy programs also help make prescription drugs more cost-effective for participants. For information on LDI’s step therapy program, click here.

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  • Why should I encourage my patients to use LDI’s mail service program?
  • LDI offers a convenient mail order program delivering medications safely to your patient’s door. Our mail order program is ideal for maintenance medications – prescriptions taken on a regular basis to manage conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, or diabetes. LDI’s mail order pharmacy may save patient’s time and money by eliminating trips to the pharmacy and avoiding waiting in line.

  • Is my pharmacy a part of LDI’s pharmacy network?
  • LDI has a nationwide network of pharmacies. If you are not sure if your pharmacy is included in our network, please contact us at 1-800-652-9550 or 314-652-3121 (local). If you are not in our network, it takes less than a day to add your pharmacy to our network.

  • Does LDI provide resources on new drugs in development and safety alerts?
  • LDI’s team of clinical pharmacists are dedicated to staying on top of drug safety alerts and recalls and are trained to monitor the FDA’s web site, as well as other drug communications and resources.

    To review a complete index of drug safety communications, visit the Food and Drug Administrations website for the most up-to-date recalls and alerts: