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By registering with LDI's secure online Pharmacy Benefit Service, you will be able to access information about your prescription drug benefits, locate a pharmacy near you, retrieve copay estimates from any pharmacy within LDI's network, view your secure medication history profile (all pharmacies), and get in-depth brand & generic drug information. Members must have their member id, birth date, first and last name to register with on-line services.

View Benefit and Copay Information
By registering with LDI’s member services, you will be able to access information about your prescription drug benefits, including copay information for retail and mail orders.

Locate Network Pharmacies
Locating the nearest LDI network pharmacy has never been easier. Member services gives you the option to input an address and locate the nearest participating pharmacies to that address, including 24 hour pharmacies. Whether you need to pick up a prescription near home or work, you will always find the most convenient retail pharmacy to your location.

View Medication History
Members services allows you to look at your medication history, including drug and quantity information, what your co-pay was, and the date the prescription was filled.

Print Temporary ID Cards
Do you need to have a medication filled now but can't find your prescription id card? Registering with member services takes the urgency out of id card replacement. View and print your own temporary id card to use while waiting for a replacement to arrive in the mail.

Login to Rx Services for Members

You can now view your Prescription History with LDI Mail Order Pharmacy by enrolling in our new online mail order program.

The following features are available with our new mail order program:

    • Point & Click Online Prescription Ordering
    • Online Prescription/Order Tracking (USPS & UPS)
    • Email Confirmation of Order Process & Order Shipment
    • Online Prescription Profile Management:
    • View Last Date Filled
    • View Next Eligible Date

You must have your AR number to register. Your AR number can be found in the top right hand corner of your invoice. If you do not have an invoice call (314) 652-1121 or toll free (866) 516-1121 for your AR number. Then click here to register.